3" banding framed on euro sham

Diamond Matalasse with piping and Matt Applique in black

Standard Sham with piping and Diamond Applique in silver with black thread

Back: quarter inch banding at edge and inset framed on sham
Front: boudoir 1” flange with gray poplin and quarter inch inset frame banding

Bottom: Scallop binding Sham
Top: Sham with 2” flange simple stitch with James Chain border

Back: Sham with 2” flange and Horsebit border
Front: Boudoir with binding and 1” framed band on Diamond Matalasse

1" banded bedding. Euro shams with framed 1" band with piping. king shams with 1" grey flange, Duvet with 1" band head to toe

Pillowcase with binding and embroidered name in bold cursive

BACK: Sham with binding and 1/4" framed band in black
FRONT: Sham with 1" flange and SWEET DREAMS in Jeffrey font. Can be any word you desire,

Front:Thin lines and dots embroidery border on sham with piping
Rear: Thin lines and dots on pillowca…

Oval Applique sham with piping

Sham with name embroidered in Jeffrey Font, 2” flange simple stitch.



Euro Shams in white bedding with Elyse Monogram with 2” flange. Monogram to match on Duvet

Sham with 2” flange and binding with Regal Monogram

Sham with 2” flange with simple stitch and James Chain

Euro Sham in diamond matalasse with piping and Heidi Monogram

Boudoir with piping and Heidi Monogram on cotton bedding